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Estimated Reading Time 8 minsPublished Apr 01,2009 What Is Hot Stamping.In its simplest definition,hot stamping,also called hot forming or pressHow Does the Process Work? The press-hardenable materialboron steel or aluminized steelisWhy Hot Stamp? On the surface,the hot-stamping process sounds rather simpleheat a steelWhich Components Are Hot-Formed? Simply put,hot stamping is best-suited to form componentsWhat Are the Unique Press and Tooling Requirements? Heating System.An oven or inductiveHow Does It Affect Downstream Processes? Because deep forming can be done in one hit,What Are Other Capability Considerations? Lower Tonnage Requirement.Kotagiri said theWhat Are Hot Stamping's Limitations? Laser Trim.The final trim must be done with a laserHow Do I Compare Costs? Calculating the weight and cost differences can be a challengeWhat Is the Future of Hot Stamping? Cosma's Kotagiri anticipates that the rising demands for highHOT PRESS FORMING IN SHEET METAL FORMINGHot press forming also known as press is hardening is a relatively new forming process.It was recently developed particularly for the application of high strength steels in car body manufacturing in the automotive industry.Hot Press Stamping for Sheet Metal Forming DESTACOHot Press Stamping for Sheet Metal Forming Processes Products for Your Automation Applications The hot stamping process takes lightweight material,hardeneds and strengthens it to form needed shaped parts.

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images HOT PRESS FORMING IN SHEET METAL FORMINGPress hardening of hot-dip galvanized 22MnB5 a stable and reproducible process,In 1 st International Conference on Hot Sheet Metal Forming 2008 Press-hardened

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